We undertake a wide variety of General Surgical procedures. The following list gives a broad indication of the procedures we offer but please contact us for any general enquiries.

- Hernia surgery (laparoscopic and open)

- Gallbladder surgery (laparoscopic and open)

- Varicose Vein surgery

- Removal of skin cancers

- Bowel cancer surgery (including laparoscopic bowel resections)

- Surgery for diverticular disease

- Surgery for inflammatory bowel disease

- Disordered defaecation: (obstructive defaecation, rectal intussuception and constipation)

- Rectal prolapse

- Haemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal fistulas (and other peri-anal problems)

- Pilonidal disease

- Endoscopies ( gastroscopy and colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy)

For more detailed information about our services, schedule and costs please contact us

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